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Moving out of a rental home or apartment often unveils inevitable wear-and-tear from living in the space. What can be even more challenging is restoring the rental to its original condition in order to get your security deposit.

How to get your security deposit back

There are several steps you can take on your own to ensure you get all or most of your security deposit.

1. Contact your landlord or property manager to perform a pre-move out inspection. There is often a nominal fee associated with it, but it’s well worth it. Your property manager should be able to tell you what actions to take to get you deposit back.

2. Patch small holes and cracks with spackle or putty to ensure a smooth finish and paint them with the existing color.

3. Tackle scuff marks and wall stains without sprays or cleaners by using an erasing pad and water to gently buff away dirt and residue.

4. Lift carpet stains by creating a homemade cleaner using dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, water and baking soda.

5. Fill mild scratches and hide blemishes on laminate countertops by using color-matched repair pens.

6. Get rid of tough stains on kitchen surfaces with nail polish remover on a clean white rag and gently scrub surfaces (be sure to test a small area before taking on the entire surface).

7. Clean garbage disposal and freshen the drain.

8. Get fresh air moving and circulating through the space by opening windows before the final move out inspection.

9. Stick around for the move-out inspection and confirm with the property manager or landlord when you can expect to receive your security deposit.

10. Leave on good terms with the property manager and landlord by taking out trash and leaving the space as clean as possible once all your belongings are packed away.

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